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We offer accessible counselling and mental health care in Melbourne.

Please note, we are not a bulk-billing practice, however, our current fees are reasonable and set well below the fee that the Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi) recommends.

The fees for each of our psychologists vary, so please contact us by phone to discuss our current fee schedule.

The Medicare rebate is usually $89.65 per session (may be more if you have reached the Medicare Safety Net).

If have a Medicare card and a valid GP referral, we will process your Medicare claim for you within 24-48 hours of your consultation.

How do I pay for my sessions?

Payment is expected in full at the end of each consultation. Cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard, VISA or American Express is accepted.

Why are the 10 Medicare sessions subsidised and not free?

We believe in affordable and accessible mental healthcare, however, we also believe in paying our psychologists a fair rate for their time and work. Outside of the 50 minute counselling sessions, psychologists also need to prepare a number of reports to your referrer, write case notes as well as spend time preparing for your sessions. To ensure that you receive a good quality service and the best possible care, our psychologists only see a limited number of clients in the day. Given the nature of our work, we also want to ensure that our psychologists are taking regular breaks throughout the day to avoid burnout. As a private practice, we do not receive any government funding. Our practice incurs operating costs such as rent and utilities, which must be covered, this is why we charge a small co-payment fee. If you have concerns about this, please speak with your psychologist to discuss options.

Is there a reduced fee available for healthcare card or low income card holders?

Unfortunately due to limited capacity we are not currently able to offer any reduced fee services, however, we can provide you with a referral to another low-cost or bulk-billing service instead.

Are psychological counselling sessions covered by Medicare?

Yes, if you have a valid referral (Mental Health Treatment Plan) from your GP, you may be eligible to claim Medicare rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year with a registered Medicare psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) and up to 40 sessions under an Eating Disorder Plan (EDP).

Your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician will assess whether or not you are eligible for Medicare rebates. Medicare rebates are available for the treatment of a range of mental health problems. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you will need a valid referral from your GP, addressed to “Be You Psychology & Counselling” or your treating psychologist. Please note that you will need to book a longer session with your GP to enable time for this.

Is there an additional fee for initial consults or after-hours appointments?

No, there is no additional fee for the initial consult or for after-hours appointments. Our fees are consistent across all times and days of the week.

Can I still see a counsellor if I don’t have a GP referral?

Yes, if you do not have a GP referral, you can still see us for counselling privately. Psychological counselling is covered by some health insurance policies. Please ask your insurance company if your policy covers psychological counselling.

Counselling and Psychology in Camberwell, Melbourne